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I shot wedding on September 18th in Southern Colorado and had to travel immediately after the wedding to drive 4 hours to Durango to fly out at 5am and catch a flight in order to land the day of the ceremony in Italy. This was the thick of the second covid outbreak and I was so nervous that that was going to get in the way of this all running smoothly. On my drive to Durango after that wedding I got news that my flight had been delayed 2 hours which threw all of my connections off making it impossible for me to arrive in time to shoot their wedding. I was freaking out but it was 11pm in Colorado and I had little to no service to call the airline to see if there was anything that they could do and the couple was asleep in Italy because of the time difference. What did I do? I kept driving, made it to my hotel with 3 hours until when my original flight was supposed to leave. After not being able to contact Kyle or Hannah for a while I knew I had to decide on my own if I wanted to be able to book the last flight available to get me there in time. The only one I could find had me arriving to the wedding location just 30 minutes before I was set to start shooting for the day. I needed a miracle and started saying all the prayers that there would not be anymore delays or I would flat out miss the wedding.

I made it to the airport after 2 hours of sleep and set off. I was flying from Durango to Chicago and then Chicago to Rome. Then I was set to take a train from Rome to Naples and then had a driver set to pick me up in Naples and drive me an hour and a half to the Vrbo that the couple had rented for their elopement. The crazy news is it works! I passed the covid regulations getting into Italy and everything was smooth sailing placing me at the VRBO with just enough time to shower all the travel funk off before I had to start shooting.

The wedding day was unbelievable. Everything was perfect. The weather, the locations I had picked out were not even as crowded as I had expected so I couldn’t be more thankful. We shot all of the getting ready at the VRBO and then Went to a nearby beach to take some location shots of the couple while everyone set up for the ceremony back at the VRBO. I was so thankful to have my best friend Tony there shooting video as well! He was the only reason I was able to keep my sanity when I was traveling knowing that he was going to be there just in case I didn’t make it.

Hannah and Kyle were absolutely incredible! The elopement just consisted of them and their families and it was one of the most fun wedding celebration I have got to shoot to date. They had a beautiful ceremony with the Amalfi coast as their backdrop, we had an incredible dinner cooked by their personal chef, and then we danced the night away ending in all of us cliff jumping into the ocean.

Amalfi Coast Italy Elopement

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